An Alternate View of Our World


Consider this scenario: A young man or woman enters university and selects Physics or one of the physical sciences as his/ her major. He/ she study the methods and works of those who went before him or her. He becomes committed to certain lines of thought and a vocabulary which supports these thoughts and ideas. He/ she rise slowly but methodically up the scale of academic excellence and try his/ her best to contribute something worthy to his chosen career. He/ she becomes highly invested emotionally and mentally in such a career, and gradually most of his/ her time and effort go into this chosen career, which becomes for him or her the greater part of life. When he or she writes or speaks of aspects of the chosen career, he/ she is careful to choose the right vocabulary and follow the group guidelines of the profession; guidelines which have been built up for centuries by the most notable names in history.

When he/ she hear or read of something completely outside and foreign to his or her field of endeavor, he/ she instinctively and immediately reject the data as from an uninformed source. We all have prejudices and they can be quite unconscious for many who try always to be objective in evaluating “new” data. But, consider how difficult it would be for them to carefully consider such new data as having any validity, and how easy it would be to simply dismiss out of hand such unfounded data. But, just suppose for a minute that their accumulated data built up for centuries by the supposedly wisest of human thinkers was not quite correct and was based upon a limited area of global existence; a physical and materialistic point of view with a rather “fixed” condition which they have been and presently are trying to discover the truth which makes it all “work.”


Now, rather suddenly they are confronted with an alternate view of everything they hold precious to their chosen fields; fields to which they have devoted the greater part of their adult lives. No wonder they find it rather easy to simply dismiss such novelty and to them, rather ignorant data. Take for example, the “strange” idea that everything is continuously evolving and becoming and there is no fixed anything. And, in addition, that the whole solar system and everything within it is ALIVE. Let’s look at this idea of evolution a bit closer. Can it ever be accepted by modern science that humanity, human consciousness and the characteristics of Matter are all evolving apace each with the other and that even our senses, which the empirical method depends upon so much, evolve along with the characteristics of Matter and human history? Consider this schema, taken from H.P. Blavatsky’s, “The Secret Doctrine:”

1) Ether Hearing (Sound)
2) Air Touch (Sound and Touch)
3) Fire (Light) Sight (Sound and Touch and Color)
4) Water Taste (Sound and Touch and Color and Taste)
5) Earth Smell (Sound and Touch and Color and Taste and Smell)

Now, consider this: So far humanity has undergone five Root races, or unique civilizations at specific global locations. Each number above represents one of these five evolving Root races from the first to the present Aryan Root race. Each root race developed one of the elements at the same time developing one of the five senses, which as can be seen, incorporates the ones previously developed. Since the “Septenary Principle” holds throughout all existence, there are two more Root races in our human evolutionary history. As these new Root races come into existence they will develop at the same time, new elements, or characteristics of Matter, and new senses, which we have no conception of at present. The sixth Root race is reported to begin in about seven hundred years from now, and a Seventh Root race in millions of years. At the conclusion of the seventh Root race, our globe will “die,” and the Life Force which now circulates upon it will move on to reportedly, Mercury. Before the Life Force came to earth, it circulated on Mars and the Moon, which is the progenitor of Earth, and is much older than earth. Both Mars and the Moon are now undergoing decomposition, just as the human form does after it dies, and by the next Root Race the Moon will disappear from our skies. As Root races evolve they each display a difference in not only physical appearance but in levels of consciousness as well. Have you ever tried to explain the causes of the differences in physical humanity? For example, the Oriental races, Japan, Chinese, Korean, etc, are the present day remnants, last sub-races of the fourth Root race, the Atlantean. The Aborigines of Australia are the final remnants of the third Root race, the Lemurian. Each Root race has seven sub-races.

As can be seen here, evolution is a never ending process and carries both humanity and the characteristics of Matter along on tide of the Cosmic Plan of the solar Logos. And, that is true not only for our little planet but for existence and Life on all aspects of our solar system and the Universe as well.

Supposedly, the next characteristic of Matter to evolve will be Permeability. This means that we will be able to see the Astral Plane, the one above the physical, just as clearly as we can now see the physical plane. There are seven planes to our solar system. The physical plane is the lowest one; the bottom of the system, and this is where most of us have centered our consciousness. And, this is the plane which modern science now studies for answers to its questions. The answers provided by the Ancient Wisdom come from higher planes of our system; the only source which contains the Truths science seeks.

The only genuine science is the esoteric science which originated in the East and has been gradually making inroads into the West for centuries, and will one day give our scientists the answers which they now seek in vain.


Fundamental Aspects For Match Online Dating – The Facts

Lots of solitary women and men today are seeking new ways to check out and focus on partnerships. And what far better technique of doing so than by means of dating online personals? In which in addition is it possible to locate this sort of massive system of diversified folks, many of them as starving for enjoy and closeness since the after that individual, than via Match 30 Day Free Trial?

Online dating professional services on the web have observed an enormous surge in acceptance over the past 10 years as more and more men and women utilize the internet in order to meet enthusiasts and pursue interactions. It’s a thrilling approach to method courting and can be very satisfying.

Here’s overview of the best half a dozen dating online professional services available.

Match can be a monthly subscription-structured internet dating support and has existed a very long time. It’s a fun web site that’s loaded with valuable characteristics. It comes with a clear lookup tool that provides you all the details you have to see if you would like communicate with others and you could instantly talk, abandon voicemail, or perhaps “wink” at the particular person if he or she is on the web.

One of the best options that come with this internet dating services are the age-go with service, where one can specify the age-selection of who you wish to meet up with. This way, you don’t need to deal with 50-calendar year-olds if all you’re considering are 25-12 months-olds. It’s an awesome place to begin if you’re just commencing to discover online dating personals and is particularly equally useful for set up players as well.

Google! Personals is an additional greatly preferred online dating personals website that features a multitude of people, all trying to find the perfect match. Like Go, there are actually service fees involved plus some people consider they can be extremely high when compared with other online dating services solutions. But Yahoo! Personals des supply some online online dating functions and you could view other profiles to get an idea of who else is looking for enjoy. It’s a fascinating service along with the amount of people included, the chances of you choosing the right individual are significantly boosted.

AmericanSingles is a good, nicely-made and totally working online dating personals website containing several great and helpful capabilities. Main between they are the conversation and connection capabilities, which will certainly get you some awesome interaction.

You are able to “very hot-collection” folks and even “tease” them, as well as emailing and inviting to chitchat. Talking about communicating, AmericanSingles has a very good talk system that enables for far better trading of ideas– and you never know just how far you may get on per day! Oh, and if there’s one component of online dating assistance that one could heed, it’s this: don’t permit the name AmericanSingles mislead you. There are actually single men and women from around the globe at this website!

Online Dating Services Service #4: eHarmony eHarmony is certainly a special online dating services. The site isn’t a whole lot about fast user profiles and elegant snapshot reviews than science. Should you sign up and pay for the payment, you may be required to go on a prolonged character questionnaire to determine which you’re about.

Following that, eHarmony suits you with other individuals who have the same passions as well as free of charge capabilities about them. With eHarmony, you understand you’ll be dealing with people who are entirely devoted to online dating given that they’re 11datiqky to pay a cost which is a little more pricey in comparison with other dating online personals. Your odds for choosing the best one at eHarmony are certainly elevated. It’s undoubtedly one of your much more interesting online dating professional services out there.

Dating Online Service #5: is a huge internet dating internet site that provides significantly in terms of variety of associates. End users result from around the world in doing what has to be one of the very most different collections of single people in the world. Sadly, you can’t do individuality fits or anything at all, even though you can view other user profiles very easily and communicate with associates more quickly than other internet dating sites can provide. Be aware of the promoting; apart from that, this is one more substantial and most likely rewarding website. isn’t a great deal about online dating personals than it is a local community of close friends. But there are actually characteristics that permit you to inform people you happen to be one and searching out for lovers. There are many Friendster end users who are searching for really like and partnerships and the extensive account characteristic can help you. Seeking is fairly simple and getting a person with complementing likes/despises isn’t that tough. You may exchange video lessons, blog sites, and a number of other things also. In addition, if it doesn’t work out, you can keep friends on this site. Friendster is about partnerships, whether personal or platonic. Good site, lots of possibilities.

If there’s one piece of online dating services guidance you have to know it’s this: a online dating site is a tool, not much of a mask. A solid dating online principle is rarely to betray another person. Stick to that online dating hint by being real to on your own and your identiity, and one day, you’ll obtain the man or woman who’s best for you. Satisfied soulmate searching!

Updates On Significant Factors Of Updated Guaranteed Page 1 Google Ranking

Think back to not too long ago: blogs were actually all the rage, the new youngster around the block. People didn’t know an Google adsense advertisement coming from a regular link. It was actually an even more naive world for internet marketing and yes it was much simpler to improve a page rank in Google than it is nowadays. The proliferation of junk e-mail websites and nonsense blogs and forums has packed in the Internet with sites that must be clogged out. In one sense, this is certainly good news simply because whenever you hunt for some thing in Google, you’ll be very likely to get results highly relevant to your search. But it also implies that it’s a good deal harder to rank since a lot of the techniques for increasing page ranking are actually obsolete.

A number of these obsolete procedures consist of:

1. Submitting internet sites to article directory sites – you’re at the moment studying one. A site like EzineArticles will remove content which can be duplicates using their company websites. It used to be that one could publish the same report 1000 instances around with 1000 links to your internet site and it would very quickly increase your get ranked. Now identical information filter systems imply that only 1 of these 1000 would really result in Google’s crawl.

2. Commenting on weblogs. Not too this is a terrible thought, but folks don’t know that a lot of backlinks on blog sites will not give PR power. Blog backlinks take advantage of the “nofollow” label, which suggests search engine listings spiders will not likely comply with your weblink off of the blog. It’s like your internet site is unseen.

That’s just a few issues that are not almost competitive with they had been – mainly because people abused the freedom and bombarded the web with worthless content material. So nowadays a search engine optimizer needs to be a tad bit more artistic. Here are several methods remain efficient at seo packages and may keep on to help increase google page rank later on.

1. Write topical blogposts. It’s almost difficult to say a new challenge about old topics. It’s much better to have a page viral that is a response to the day’s information, as opposed to a topic that could be included someplace else (this article doesn’t completely follow that version, but you get the picture).

2. Also, don’t hesitate being trivial. Engaging, fluffy articles are more likely to have backlinks (hyperlinks from other web sites). Obviously, they must be properly-created. Including pictures or video clip inside information is another datiqky92 approach to assist a page go popular.

3. Publish original content. As i have said, report internet sites may well not article replicated content. Even so, they are going to post original articles. It’s easy to compose many different ways about the same topic.

4. Purchase a web browser wordpress plugin that reveals dofollow backlinks. This will highlight which weblogs, discussion boards, and web sites have dofollow turned on. Concentrate your advertising and marketing primarily toward dofollow internet sites. You can find web directories online that contain only dofollow websites. Examine the pagerank for dofollow websites and target your advertising and marketing to internet sites by using a high google page rank. Think about backlinking to high google page rank dofollow blogs and forums, simply because this can create a trackback, which is a simple link returning to your site.

5. Obtain a plugin to get rid of nofollow on your own internet site – this will motivate connections on the site. Greater writing comments ensures that your web site will probably be spidered and listed with greater frequency.

6. Utilize the Google AdWords tool or some other key word tool and make use of all those key phrases in headline tag. Make certain your web site titles include the actual phrases inside the name, as opposed to a variety.

7. Authenticate your site at to be sure that spiders can hair comb via your internet site. Google’s Web master Tool is likewise beneficial to keeping track of your inside backlinks to make certain nothing are broken.

8. Use social networks: Digg, Reddit, Mixx, those locations that have double letters. Remember, a Digg backlink to articles is probably going to rank higher than a post all on your own website, as Digg features a substantial PR. Getting lots of Diggs for any submit isn’t really the only issue: it’s about getting the Digg site listed, which is actually a top quality backlink to your website. The same goes for other social networks. Be a part of each social network you may and make up a profile webpage having an outbound connect to your web site.

9. Be a part of forums and add your trademark. Participate for long enough (and usefully) to include a signature. Your user profile site will even incorporate a website link. Many forums are dofollow throughout.

10. Add your website to web directories. This nevertheless works. Include your web site to great PR one-way-hyperlink web site internet directories, along with blog internet directories, if appropriate. It’s much better to get this done personally, instead of by having an computerized system, simply because acquiring way too many listing sale listings at the same time can actually reduce your page rank.

OK, that ought to be sufficient to obtain started. A little effort expended on a daily basis will considerably improve your outcomes after a while. The greatest thing about these methods is that they’re natural: they’re unlikely to obtain suspended by Google or any other search engines like yahoo, thus it won’t be time squandered.